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Ruby & Zoie, Winners of Singing Contest 2013

我們的唱歌學生Ruby及Zoie參加2013年歌唱大賽,雙雙榮獲K1和K2組別的冠軍獎項,Sammy並榮獲 優秀導師獎

Both of our 2 singing students Ruby and Zoie participated in 2013 Singing Contest and both won the Championships of K1 and K2 grade. Sammy is also granted the Outstanding Teacher Award

Win-win Team

Bernice, Marco, Domini & Cherry, the Winning Singing Team


Our Singing Team won the Championship of the 4th Hong Kong Kids Open Singing Contest


Rylan, Winner of Violin & Poem Recitation


Our students Rylan participated in The 4th HK Talent Star Contest and the K2 grade Champion award in Violin and the Certificate of Merit in Mandarin Poem Recitation

Concert 2015

Aiden, Piano Student

Sammy has demonstrated that she has both the professionalism and patience to teach in a nurturing and effective manner, with just the perfect balance of fun and discipline. My son has been seeing Sammy for about half a year and he looks forward to his lessons every week. I’m so glad that she can maintain his interest in music, as it can be so difficult to do at this age. I highly recommend having her teach your little darlings any day!

- Aiden's mom

Concert 2014

Zoie(芷晴) - 小提琴及歌唱班學生


另Zoie在Sammy's Paradise學小提琴,得到家誠哥哥悉心指導,非常有耐性,令芷晴已經愛上了,雖然有進步空間,仍須努力!

- Zoie媽咪

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Harley Wong & Ryan Wong - 鋼琴學生

Harley學習鋼琴已有五年,一直以來,他視練琴為苦事,直至半年前,在一次機緣巧合下,我們遇到一位熱愛音樂的老師──Sammy Law。 Sammy讓他重新認識音樂、感受音樂,而他的弟弟Ryan看着哥哥的改變,也不再固執,決定轉換老師,跟Sammy學習鋼琴,享受音樂的樂趣。Sammy’s Paradise現已成為他們的Music Paradise。Thank you very much, Aunt Sammy!

- Harley & Ryan媽咪

Concert 2014

Joanne - Studio Room Rental Client

Dear Sammy's Paradise,

We would like to express our sincerely gratitude and appreciation to you for providing us the function room services for our clients rehearsal and band rehearsal as well.

Our clients hugely satisfying the environment and facilities you provided hospitality. With your excellent services so that we can continuously increasing our business volume.

Sincerely wish you all the best and every success!

Best Regards,

Joanne Tse

Managing Director, Brilliant Production House

Concert 2013

Kristie & Yumi 姊妹 - 流行鋼琴學生



Bought a digital piano for long but didn't make up my mind to go for a formal lesson. I believed its our destiny and found Sammy's paradise. After taking a few trial lessons, thank God I had found the one I want!

Sammy is no doubt a great and professional pianist, I do really appreciate with her unique way of teaching, which makes a green beginner like me grows in a nice progress that I've ever expected. She is also a cheerful and dedicated lady, she teaches patiently by heart and would give valuable tips on how we can perform better.

The classroom is clean, comfortably and sweetly decorated, which makes us feels so enjoyable staying and keep growing in this Paradise!

- Kristie & Yumi

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Berin - 高級流行鋼琴學生

童年的時候我與很多小朋友一樣,“半推半就”地被父母”建議”去學鋼琴。老實說那時候彈琴好像是一種責任,談不上有很濃厚的興趣. 但是最近機緣巧合地遇到Sammy,再加上自己對流行鋼琴音樂也有一定的興趣,便開始了跟她學習。 Sammy除了有很好的音樂造詣外,最難得的是你會感覺到她對音樂的熱誠,由此可以感染到她的學生對音樂產生興趣。這並不是每一個導師都擁有的素質。

When I was a child, I was “encouraged” by my parents to learn playing piano same as many other children. To be frank at that time I could hardly say that I was very interested in music. However, recently I have got the chance to know Sammy and in fact I also have interest in playing pop piano. Hence, I have started to learn more advanced pop piano techniques from her. Apart from her profound musical knowledge and skills, what I treasure the most is Sammy’s passion in music which cannot be found on all music teachers. Her passionate attitude can also have a positive influence on her students to be more interested in learning music.

- Berin

Concert 2014

Himansh, Piano Student

Ms. Sammy's greatest strength as a teacher is her genuine passion for teaching music and her talent for getting the most out of a child. We are very glad Himansh has found a caring piano teacher like her! Thank you Ms. Sammy!

- Himansh's mom

Concert 2013

Alex & Family, Piano & Singing Student

Learning to play piano becomes another part of my life now after working in the boring banking industry for almost 20 years. It gives me an entire different insights into how to enjoy life and concentrate......

By luck I have the chance to meet Sammy and started my first piano lesson in her Paradise. Her shop can provide me the flexibility to learn after working hours and I have gradually built up my piano skills from zero after attending her classes for almost a year. She is both a nice teacher and a good coach for me on how to learn and enjoy playing piano in a dfferent way. I also deeply feel her passion towards music when attending the classes. It can give me a feeling of being home when I am in the Paradise, without pressure at all. My 5 year old daughter is also learning singing now in her Paradise. The progress is amazing. Thanks Sammy!

- Alex

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Mabel, Piano Student

It is easy to find a talented and professional music teacher, but they may not have the passion, patience and enthusiasm to teach. It is fortunate that I have met Sammy who possess all these elements. She has the patience and passion even to teach an adult student who is only at piano level 101. I am able to receive new stuff from each of her class. Piano playing is just so amazing!!


- Mabel

Concert 2014

Isaac, 鋼琴學生




By the way,我總覺得任何科目都有clever ways. Sammy 就是做到了這一點。

- Isaac's mom

Concert 2014

Douglas, Piano Student

We are grateful to meet Sammy who inspires my boy on all facets from piano skills to muscial concepts. Her devoted pedagogy infects him to play seriously and joyfully. Our sonˊs piano skills has improved significantly in just 2 months. We are sure our boy will have good accomplishment under Sammy's professional paradise!

- Douglas' mom

Concert 2013

Marcia, Violin Student

I started learning violin at Sammy's in 2013, with no prior music instrument experience. I have fallen in love with the instrument since and have made steady progress with the help and encouragement of Sammy's excellent violin teacher. As an adult beginner, I acknowledge the difficulties in picking up a new music instrument but plan to continue learning.

- Marcia

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Robert Martin, Piano Room Rental Client

When I visit Hong Kong and need to practice the piano, I love to go to Sammy's Paradise. They have practice rooms with both digital and real pianos, all in top shape. I love the atmosphere at Sammy's Paradise. There are always young students around who are enthusiastic about what they are learning. Both Sammy and Stephen are so welcoming and helpful. Sammy is an absolute expert on all things musical including how to get the best sounds out of digital pianos. It really feels like home!

- Robert Martin

Concert 2014

Horace, 小提琴及畫畫班學生



- Horace's 媽咪

Concert 2013

錢紹弘 - 鋼琴學生

森美天地,是初到香港的我给儿子找的练琴的场所。 第一次来到森美,它就以整洁温馨又不失可爱的环境吸引了我们,而女主人每每甜美的微笑亲切的话语总能打动我,使我选择 这里。学习过程中来来往往的孩子,使我领教了森美教学中充满着浓浓的爱心,亲情,热情,互动。谢谢Sammy!谢谢谭先生!谢谢森美天地!希望你们永保那颗充满激情的心,也希望您们的国语和我的广东话同样进步哟!

- 錢紹弘母親

Concert 2013

Ida, 普通話學生生

一直以來都認為學習語言最有效是單對單學習,所以這次學普通話來了森美天地,她們為我找來來自北京的老師,除了改善用詞技巧外, 還要糾正我那說得亂七八糟的普通話發音,若然想人家给你"打折(da zhe)", 但說了"DA JIE (打劫)", 那就尷尬死啦!

Have always thought the most effective way to learn language is one-on-one teaching. So that I come to Sammy's Paradise for learning Mandarin. They got me a teacher coming from Beijing. Besides improving my wording skill, I need to correct my mess pronunciation as well. If you want someone to give you a discount (da zhe) and you say DA JIE (Robbery)...... how embarrassing!

- Ida

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Sandra - 鋼琴及普通話學生


- Sandra

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